Very Sad Day in College Hoops

I was shocked and very saddened about the firing of Coach Phil Martelli at St. Joe’s.

After 34 years at the University, 10 as asst. and 24 as Head Coach, he deserved a lot better.

He is the epitome of a class act. His team was really family, not a cliché. His impact as a teacher of hundreds of kids lasted way beyond their playing days. He did it the right way. His players graduated and there was never a hint of scandal.

When I worked with Jameer Nelson after his NBA rookie year, Coach Martelli always answered my phone calls and my questions. We continued to exchange Xmas cards for several years.

This January, I was invited to attend practice at Hawk Hall the day before they played favored Davidson.

He allowed me to view film with his team afterwards describing how they were going to beat Davidson.

His team lost 2 starters for most of the season and played w/ a frosh pt. guard.

When I heard the news yesterday, I send coach expressing my feelings. Coach, typically, in the midst of an “Awful Day” exchanged a couple of emails with me.

Steve Wolfson