Syracuse-UConn 6 Overtimes

Last night, Syracuse beat University of Connecticut 127-117 in six overtimes. Unfortunately, I went to bed early and didn’t tape it. Like many, I saw replays of game winning, then NOT game winning buzzer beater at the end of  regulation time.

What wasn’t mentioned was the foul shooting by both teams. Syracuse shot 40-51 for 78% while UConn shot a pitiful 24-42 for 57% and if you took AJ Price’s 10-12 away, the rest of the team shot 14-30 less than 50%. Syracuse’s Johnny Flynn not only played 67 minutes, score 34pts, have 11 assists, but was a perfect 16-16 from the foul line. Teammate Paul Harris was 13-14 from the line while scoring 29pts along w/ 22 rebounds. On the other hand, although UConn’s Hasheem Thabeet had 14 pts, 14rebounds and 7 blocks, he was only 5-10 from the line while teammate Stanley Robinson had 28 pts and 14 rebounds was also 5-10.

Once again, we see the major importance of foul shooting.

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