Buzzer Beaters

Last night, the Nets Devin Harris sank a half court shot at the end of regulation to help defeat the 76ers in NJ. The refs had to review the shot on video for several minutes to determine whether the ball was still in Harris’ hand when time expired.

Living in Western NJ, I get sports news on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX networks in both NY and Philly plus 2 local NY stations, 1 NJ station and 1 Philly station along w/ ESPN. 12 stations. All showed highlights and talked about Harris winning the game.

As a coach, I think that’s a very erroneous statement. The action that transpired during the previous 47 minutes and 59.9 seconds that led to that shot determined the game. As The Foul Shot Doc, I must point out that the Nets shot 18-23 from the foul line for 78% while the Sixers shot 23-37 for 62%. The Sixers shot 14 more foul shots but only made 5 more. If they shot 78% (approx. NBA avg.) like the Nets, they would have won easily and Harris’ shot would have been irrelevant.

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