Tip 1

Proper Rotation and Grip

The seams of ball should be horizontal. Spreads fingers wide on ball using fingertips only.

Tip 2

Shoot Shot Outside Eyebrow

Do NOT block your vision, keep the ball slightly off the edge of your outer eye’s vision.

Tip 3

Block and Place For Quick Shot Properly

Catch the ball correctly, keep steady on your feet with your weight evenly distributed.

Tip 4

Always Use The “L” Form For Your Shooting Hand

Extend the elbow straight from shoulder through to your fingertips in a straight line toward the basket.

Tip 5

All Shots Use Legs First

Your feet should be balanced properly. Keep your dominant foot 6 inches ahead of your other foot.

Tip 6

Both Hands Up

Now this is self-explanatory!

Tip 7

Index Finger into Basket

On the follow through, imagine placing your finger into the hoop.

Tip 8

2 Second Finish on Shot

Totally complete your shot. Do NOT drop your hands quickly, follow through. In training, count to two before lowering your hands.

Tip 9

Control Your Breathing

On Free Throws, shoot either between inhale and exhale, or after exhale. Get a tempo in your breath that allows for moments of intention.

Tip 10

Foul Lane Help From Teammates

Encourage the free throw shooter before and after every shot. Each shot is brand new. If you miss the first shot, the next is your “comeback” shot.

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