Visit to Michigan

Just came back from visit to Michigan and it went quite well. In fact, better than I expected. The player is an excellent student very eager to learn anything to enhance his game.

In the shadows of The Palace of Auburn Hills, where his beloved Pistons play, we worked out on the courts of Oakland University. After watching his typical workout routine, we realized he spent, like most players, lots of wasted time doing things that weren’t really going to help in game situations like stationery shooting in an “around the world” manner.

The first day of our on the court workouts, I included a variety of agility drills, defensive work , dribbling and sprinting. When we came down to shooting, the player was sweating, huffing and puffing,  just like in games. There were only a couple of minor flaws in his shooting stroke and it was apparent his free throw woes were predominently mental.

Off the court, I was able teach the player the whole mental approach to foul shooting. Using a variety of relaxation techniques, the player was able to slow down his heart rate, learn to breathe properly, and  when to take his free throw with total confidence. I made him relaxation and visualization CDs for him to use daily for continued success. We ended our sessions with him making 31 out of 35 foul shots, nearly every shot “all net”. I look forward to seeing his progress during the season.

Delia Associates