Prediction True, Memphis Loses Due to Poor Foul Shooting

As I said in earlier post, Memphis foul shooting woes would cause them to lose in tourney. Last night vs Kansas, they shot 12 or 19 for 63%, including 4 of 5 misses down the stretch of regulation time, allowing Mario Chalmers of Kansas the opportunity to hit a 3 pointer w/ 2 seconds remaining to send the game into overtime.  Had they converted 1 more foul shot, the Chalmers shot would not have mattered. KU shot 14 of 15 for 93% from the line.

Earlier this season, I read in Sports Illustrated how Bob Rotella, a sports psychologist had visited the Memphis team. Rotella, who has also consulted the Cleveland Cavaliers, has written 4 books on golf. After reading the SI article, I tried reaching out to Memphis Coach John Calipari out of curiosity by mail and phone. He didn’t respond. Perhaps, he should have called the Foul Shot Doc. By the way, the Cav are still the 2nd worst free throwing team in the NBA.

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