Chat w/ Confidence Coach re: Dwight Howard

Steve Tarde: Dwight writes to me. Steve, I know you are a Confidence Coach, but hey, I am Superman. Could use some help with free throws. Why can’t I make those shitty shots? I don’t have a clue.

Foul Shot Doc Tell Dwight Howard to ask Jameer Nelson about me. Although he thinks I’m nuts ( I have some different teaching techniques), Jameer improved from 68% to 78% and 31% to 43% in 3 pt shooting(8th in NBA) after I worked w/ him. Jameer recommended Trevor Ariza who improved from 47% on the line to 70% after I made three trips to Orlando. I’m here for the asking

Steve Tarde: I have heard Jameer talk about you, That’s why I plugged you. If I get picked up be a lady’s team to be their confidence coach, I might ask that they bring you in as well.

Foul Shot Doc What did Jameer say?

Foul Shot Doc I guarantee I could make Howard a better foul shot shooter. He doesn’t have to pay me.

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