Offseason/DeRon Williams

The offseason is the best time to improve your game. For HS  players it starts in March if not involved in AAU travel teams. For College players, it starts after March Madness. For NBA guys, it’s mid-April if not in playoffs or possibly mid-June.

I remember speaking with Tommy Thomas, DeRon Williams’ HS Coach and agent a few years back  before DeRon was an BA All-Star and Olympian. I remarked how amazed I was at DeRon growth and improvement. Tommy mentioned “DeRon treats his job seriously”. Most folks upon graduation go to work 9-5. DeRon puts in the time.”. He mentioned DeRon extended visit to Spokane, WA. to spend time with former NBA great John Stockton to learn as much as possible.

The point being, the ones who put the time in, reap the rewards.

I’m looking forward to this offseason to help many players improve their games, especially shooting.

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