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B-Ball Clinic in No. Brunswick

Posted by Barry

Had a real lot of fun last night in No. Brunswick doing semi-annual basketball clinic for the kids in town. Although I don’t get paid as well as when working w/ NBA guys, it’s always a great amount of fun and laugh and teaching of course.

Again and again

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I don’t know why I am always amazed, but look at how many games have been decided by 5 or less pts. in the NCAA tournament. Nearly all decided in the last minute at the free throw line. No matter how many times I post, so few players and coaches take advantage of The Foul Shot Doc. Really not trying to brag about my skills and proven experience…Just sayin’

Selection Sunday Past

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In 1986, when coaching Quinnipiac University, I remember spending selection watching HS recruits in New York City at Hunter College. The gym was underground, right under the subway. I knew we were in since we were 24-3, but wasn’t sure if we’d stay east in New Haven or end up in No. Dakota. Thankfully, stayed in New Haven and beat them for the 3rd time that season. Good thing since the next yr. they won the Nat’l Championship.

Foul Shot Doc article online

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Here is link to complete recent article I was including in:

NBA All-Star Game

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In record setting game where 301 pts were scored in the West’s 152-149 victory that all conversation in the last minute revolved around the horrible foul shooting of Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin. The 2 big men for each team shoot around 50%. Announcers were talking about strategy by each coaches re: the dilemma of having these talented players having such glaring weaknesses and whether or not to have them on court. Imagine having to take the league Defensive Player of the Year out of game because he’s going to hurt your teams chance to win.

Here is link to recent story in Slam online

Article in Slam Magazine

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Barry Wolfson, a New Jersey-based free throw coach who’s coached Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson and New Orleans Hornets forward Trevor Ariza, said that he incorporates breathing techniques into a pre-shot routine. There’s a moment between breaths in which a player can shoot, he noted.
“They inhale and exhale and before the next inhale, that’s when they shoot it,” Wolfson said. The goal is to achieve a meditative state of mind.
Trained in sports psychology and formerly a college women’s basketball coach at a slew of colleges, including at Quinnipiac University, Wolfson is a believer in optimizing a player’s mindset.
He practices visualization techniques, such as helping players repeatedly envision the ball going through the hoop. He also insists that players think of it as free throws, not foul shots.
“Foul connotes a bad odor,” he said. “I like the idea of a free throw. You’re uncontested; it’s free. I want them to feel free at the line.”

Same Old, Same Old

Posted by Barry

With the NBA season 1/4 over and college season 1/2 over I could write the same blog every day re: foul shooting. Example: Lakers beat Clippers by 5 pts. last night even though they made 5 more baskets. Usually, the team w/ higher percentage wins. The Clips, though much improved, are going nowhere w/ Blake Griffin and De Andre Jordan being horrific on the line. For fun, pick your favorite team as see how many games they won or lost because of free throw shooting. You’ll be amazed. Feel free to email me at to comment.

Did You Know This?

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The average point difference in all NBA games is 3 points.

25 % of all points scored in a game are from the free throw line.

35 % of all points scored in a game’s last 5 minutes are free throws.

67 % of all points scored in the last minute by the winning team are free throws.

Do you see the need for  The Foul Shot Doc?

NBA Gives Hoops to Fans

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Been a long time since I blogged. Was so frustrated w/ the lockout. The billionaires vs millionaires wasn’t worth my thoughts. The only ones hurt were the fans, most of whom can’t afford NBA ticket prices anyway. 5 games on the tube today w/ Dallas getting their championship rings. Ironic, but many of their players inc. Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea, DeShawn Stevenson, Peja, Caron Butler are no longer Mavs.

Have Ball – Will Travel

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Thankfully, the NBA strike/lockout has ended. If any players want to work with me before training camp starts feel free to get in touch via web: or email: or 877-959-9400. I am currently available. 1st come, 1st served. Or have your agent get in touch.