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Daughter’s Graduation and NBA Draft

Posted by Barry

My daughter, Danielle, graduates 8th grade tonight. Wonderful child who is on my website along w/ Jameer Nelson and Trevor Ariza. God bless her and help me get thru teenage yrs. Yikes. Will tape the draft and comment tomorrow

Lousy Foul Shootin Helps Sink Heat

Posted by Barry

You can point at a variety of different things when dsicussing Mavs victory. Whether it’s experience vs inexperience in playing together, team vs individual play, LeBron 4th quarter disappearing act and coaching. However, once again foul shooting and some statistics stand out. LeBron James who is always in the top 5 in Free throw attempts […]

Foul Shooting Help Miami and Dallas Get To Finals

Posted by Barry

I know it’s easy to talk about young point guards like Rose and Westbrook’s lack of experience and errors in judgement, but there were other factors in Thunder and Bulls loses. How about Rose’s missed 4th quarter foul shots or James 31 in a row and especially Nowitski’s incredible shooting, particularly at crunch times. Winnig […]