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Now Reviewing Players Shooting Videos

Posted by Barry

Many people can’t afford to come to the East Coast to work with me nor can they afford to have The Foul Doc make a house call. Therefore, if you’d like me to review your shooting form and make corrections, your can send me your videos. Contact me at 877-959-9400 or by email Feel […]

Boy, Was I wrong. Spurs, Lakers and Celts Bounced

Posted by Barry

As usual, most of my friends asked me my opinion and why before the playoffs. I felt the more expierience teams had the best chances of winning. Veteran teams that had played together for years. Knew each other ‘s strengths and weakness and were cohesive as a group. Instead the Spurs and Celtics looked old […]

Classic OKC-Memphis Game

Posted by Barry

Tuesday’s triple OT game betweeen the Thunder and Grizzlies was probably the least watched all-time classic game. Two small market teams that played late, especially on the East Coast. Teams the general public probably never even heard of. 90% of Americans couldn’t tell you a player on either team. Maybe Durant. 90 foul shots taken, […]