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Pamela Robinson Coming to NJ

Posted by Barry

Looking forward to working out Pamela Robinson this weekend. Pamela, former All-American at SUNY Old Westbury, is looking to enhance her game working with me for opportunity to play overseas and get some WNBA tryouts. It always great to help players trying to reach their dreams.

15 Games in NCAA’s Decided by 4 pts. or less

Posted by Barry

It get curiouser and curiouser. Amazing all the close games. So many have been decided in the last couple of minutes on the foul line. If you look closely, most are decided by either number of foul shots taken, % of foul shots made or clutch foul shots. For example, if the Pitt player makes […]

6 Games in Tournament Decided by 2 pts or less

Posted by Barry

Players and Coaches: You don’t think foul shooting is that important? The first round is not even done yet and 6 games have been decided by 2 or less points. Just ask NOVA what the others what they think. What do you think?