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Fun Time Yesterday

Posted by Barry

Had loads of fun yesterday. In the morning hosted a basketball clinic at No. Brunswick HS. Wide range of talent, from very skilled to some kids running up the court, forgetting they were supposed to dribble. In the evening, got to workout Tony Ellington, a very gifted 8th grade prospect. A hard worker and good […]

NBA Season Begins

Posted by Barry

Although the World Series is about to begin, let’s get serious. It time to begin another NBA season. So…Who do you like? With all the trades, free agent movement, new rookies and the 3 Muskateers down in Miami, who do you pick for NBA champs this year. Now there will be more trades and injuries, […]

Pre-Season in NBA

Posted by Barry

With training camps under way in the NBA and pre-season games all around the planet, it should be an interesting season w/ new coaches and players all over the league. It’s still not too late for teams or individual players to get extra coaching in foul shooting. Always amazing to me how many games are […]