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Is Bill Russell Overrated?

Posted by Barry

I think the answer is yes. Although an excellent defensive player, his offense was limited. As far as championships, if you substituted Wilt of even Nate Thurmond for Russell, those great Celtics would have won the same amount of championships. Also, keep in mind that the opposing centers of the 50’s and 60’s left much […]

Coaches Clinic

Posted by Barry

Really enjoyed coaches clinic yesterday at St. Benedict’s. Got a chance to talk w/ Hubie Brown and let him know that he is indirectly responsible for my daughter Danielle being alive. He gave me a big hug and handshake and told me I made his day. Pretty cool. Ironic since I used to be so […]

NJ Hoops Clinic Tomorow

Posted by Barry

Looking forward to going to St. Benedict’s tomorrow for coaching clinic. Lecturers inc. Hubie Brown, Mike Fratello, Fran Fraschilla and Jay Williams among others.Always fun hanging w/ the NJ coaches as well. And lunch included.