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Offseason/DeRon Williams

Posted by Barry

The offseason is the best time to improve your game. For HS  players it starts in March if not involved in AAU travel teams. For College players, it starts after March Madness. For NBA guys, it’s mid-April if not in playoffs or possibly mid-June. I remember speaking with Tommy Thomas, DeRon Williams’ HS Coach and […]

Answer to Jan. 25th Trivia Question?

Posted by Barry

Back in January, I asked folks to name 4 colleges that had colors in their name. Several folks had 3 correct answers, but nobody had all 4. They are Navy, Brown, Auburn and Siena.

Hack-A-Whoever and Kobe goes 21-23 in Laker Win

Posted by Barry

It was interesting to watch the Spurs employ the Hack-a-Shaq strategy in a new way against the Suns. Instead of waiting for Shaquille O’Neal to receive the ball before fouling him, they fouled him away from the ball. Not only did O’Neal shoot a pitiful 9 for 20 in the elimination game but at best traded 1 […]