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Prediction True, Memphis Loses Due to Poor Foul Shooting

Posted by Barry

As I said in earlier post, Memphis foul shooting woes would cause them to lose in tourney. Last night vs Kansas, they shot 12 or 19 for 63%, including 4 of 5 misses down the stretch of regulation time, allowing Mario Chalmers of Kansas the opportunity to hit a 3 pointer w/ 2 seconds remaining to send […]

Horrific Foul Shooting – LSU vs Tenn Women

Posted by Barry

In a truly painful game to watch if you are offensive minded, Tennessee defeated LSU to reach the Women’s Final. Not only was the shooting from the field horrible, but the free throw shooting was worse. You might blame bad field goal shooting on great defense and the teams familiarity with each other. However, poor […]

RU Loses to UConn

Posted by Barry

Earlier in the week, Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights Women’s team lost to UConn 66-56. UConn shot 19-21 from the foul line, including 17-19 in the second half. Rutgers only shot 3-5 for 60%. A 16 pt. difference from the line. It’s hard to win when you shoot foul shots poorly and not enough (RU). It’s a […]