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Kean University, NJAC Playoffs

Posted by Barry

The Kean Cougars dropped 2 of 3 prior to the NJAC Conference Playoffs making their road to the NCAA tourney more difficult. Instead of hosting the entire tournament, they defeated Rutgers-Newark at home and then had to travel to William Paterson University and College of NJ. They won all three games, going 47/66 for 71% […]

High School Player in Michigan, Part 2

Posted by Barry

Received an email from player’s father who had this to report. “My son’s team played one of the strongest team in the conference last night that made it to the Final Four in last season’s┬áState Tournament. They seemed to have done their homework because every time my son came close to the basket with the […]

Kean University, Mid-Season

Posted by Barry

Been working about 3 weeks primarily with the 10 players in the rotation and they are making great strides. That group has shot 68% during that period vs. 62% prior. The team is now 21-1 ranked 6th in the country and there is going to be an article in The New York Times. They lead […]